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Living in Alpharetta Georgia has a lot of benefits. A temperate climate, lots of woods, lakes, and outdoor fun. But with all the great things that come with living in Alpharetta comes the problem of a multitude of bugs and pests. And one of the most destructive of those pests is the subterranean termite. Termite colonies can do a tremendous amount of damage to your home before you even know it, and the repairs of that damage can cost a small fortune. It is estimated that 1 in every 5 home in the US either has had or will have a termite problem. That’s why it’s imperative that, as a home owner, you have professional Termite Control service plans in place, including comprehensive termite inspection, treatment, and prevention.


Termite Damage

Termites will do an estimated two billion dollars worth of damage in the US alone this year. Alpharetta will be responsible for MORE than its fair share. A single average sized termite colony can eat more than 22 linear feet of 2 x 4 in less than a year! One colony means there are many more in one area!


Protect Your Home, Save Money!

Effective inspection, treatment, and prevention techniques of termites is a small price to pay to the alternative of repairing the damage they can do to your home before you even know they are there. We offer the most affordable solution, with over 20 years experience. We can guarantee safety to home!


A Bigger Threat is in Town

Termite species called formosan subterranean (originate from China) have established a firm foothold throughout the South, like Alpharetta. These are 10x the size of other Subterranean Termites and can eat as much as a foot a day of that same 2 x 4! As you can see, termite eradication is a must.


Keep the Termites Out

If we find termite damage has already begun, we will repair and restore your home to a safe and secure state. While many of our competitors are charging an arm and a leg for these same services, you’ll find that the exact same services they offer will cost far less with us. Call us at (770) 656-7182 Now!

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