How to Choose a Pest Control Company for Your Home

Got Unwanted Guests?

Got Unwanted Guests in Your Home or Office?

At one point or another, you’ll be needing pest control services for your home in Alpharetta GA. Pest problems can arise at any time of the year. Start looking for a pest control company before you need one so you will not have to rush your decisions.


Talk to several companies before choosing one service provider. Here are tips to ensure you’re working with a professional pest management team in your area.


1. Ask about qualifications. Just as how you would make sure that you’re consulting with a professional for your healthcare needs, check if the pest control company is also qualified before booking any of their services. Ask if their technicians are licensed or are highly-trained for the job. Verify as well if their license is appropriate for the responsibilities they’re taking on. While you’re it, find out how the company ensures that its employees are up-to-date with the latest in the industry – from products, best practices, to regulations.


2. See how experienced the team is. Get to know the company more. Gather information outside of their website. Find out how long they have been in the industry. Interview them about their hiring process. Do they train their employees? How long have they been addressing pest issues similar to what you’re experiencing. Talk to them about their previous experiences with their clients, the most challenging job they did, for example. Professionals should be happy to talk about their experience in the field.


3. Look into reputation. Aside from searching online, do ask your family and friends for recommendations as well. While a company website is valuable, don’t rely solely on it. See if the pest control company is listed in trusted third-party review sites, and check what their clients have to say about their work. Find out as well if the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and whether they have pending unresolved cases or issues.


4. Request multiple quotes. Request quotes for the services that you need. Even if the first quote you obtain seems fair, do contact other companies still and request for quotes. Compare rates so you will also learn the average cost of the service that you need. See if you have to be tied to a long-term contract or whether you can hire the company for a one-time job. If the company is confident with their services, they will not force you to sign-up for a long-term contract. Review the terms as well for hiring the company. Do they offer a warranty or guarantee for their work?


5. Pay attention to safety. Is the company willing to discuss what they do to ensure employee and customer safety? Do they have insurance to cover their people and your property as their customers? Do they have rules about proper equipment and workwear for their team? How do they ensure safety at the job site?


6. Evaluate customer service. Do you feel that your concerns are heard? Do the representatives treat you with respect? Do you feel at ease talking to their employees? You should feel comfortable discussing your requirements and concerns as it’s your home they will be working on. If something feels off about the employees, don’t take it for granted. Move to other available options.


Once you have decided which pest control company in Alpharetta GA to hire, be sure to take note of their contact number and the name of the employee you can get in touch with for immediate concerns. Coordinate closely with them as they will also need your cooperation for a successful pest removal project.

Does your home or office need to be Wildlife-Proofed?

Does your home or office need to be Wildlife-Proofed?

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