Different Types of Pest Control Methods for Your Home

Got Unwanted Guests?

Got Unwanted Guests in Your Home or Office?

Does your home always attract pests? Do you have problems with rodents or roaches? These pests can pose serious health and safety risks when not eliminated right away and using the proper methods.


If they’re sharing your home with you, chances are you’re also sharing your food with them unknowingly. Before you start your pest control management problem, you need to identify first which pest you have at home. This will help you identify the right strategy to implement.


If you’re not sure, you can always hire a pest and wildlife control company in Dawsonville GA. Before that, let’s talk about the different types of pest control methods.


1. Chemical Pest Control. Chemical pest products can be in the form of solid, liquid, or aerosol. They’re the pesticides that you can purchase in stores and can be used for both homes and businesses. They can give promising results, but since they can be highly toxic, they’re not supposed to be used excessively. You need to follow usage instructions carefully and store them where children will not be able to reach them.


2. Organic Pest Control. If you prefer environmentally-friendly products and want to ensure that your kids and pets are safe even when you use them at home, you can look into using organic pest products. They can also be in different forms and can be applied in different ways too. If you’re unsure where to buy them and don’t want to use traditional pesticides, contact a trusted pest control company in your area for expert help.


3. Electronic Pest Control. Pests can now we eliminated permanently using advanced methods, such as electromagnetic elimination. Electromagnetic targets the nervous system and is used for insects and rodents. Ultrasonic, on the other hand, uses sound waves.


4. Biological Pest Control. Another effective way to control pests is by using the biological method. Here, beneficial bugs are used to control pests. Their natural enemies take charge of eliminating them. This method is popular as it does not require the use of chemicals, not harmful to people, and is also extra beneficial in that it helps control insect population or infestation.


5. Hygiene Control. A clean home isn’t an attractive place for pests. By keeping your home clean, you can also prevent pest infestation. Do not leave food residue that can lure pests. Keep food in airtight containers. Always clean up and practice good hygiene habits. Keep garbage bins secure and if possible, away from home. Declutter regularly and keep your household items clean.


6. Pest Control Services. This is the most effective and easiest way to exterminate pests in your home. If prevention is still not enough, you can count on professionals to get rid of those pests. These technicians are highly-trained and are complete with the tools necessary to get rid of any type of pest or wildlife you’re dealing with. You may also be able to save more than going the DIY route.


If you have more pest control questions for your home in Dawsonville GA, contact our team at Krazy Critter Removal. We’re open 24/7 so if you have urgent pest management needs, we can help.

Does your home or office need to be Wildlife-Proofed?

Does your home or office need to be Wildlife-Proofed?

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