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"I have to say, they did an excellent job. First let me say that.. we own a rental home. We rented to three women, and everything was fine, until it wasn't. We had to have them leave due to non payment for months... Well after they left we went in... Lord help me... There was roaches everywhere, rats... I almost died at the site... Anyway after calling in Crazy Critter they took care of it all for us... No more roaches, or rats. Thank God."

Reasonable prices!

"Wayne is very intelligent about all things wildlife and pest control! Very friendly, kind and respectful! The work is always exceptional and done in a timely manner. Reasonable prices and always great work. Friendly team of employees as well!"

No More Rats!

"These guys do EVERYTHING! They got rid of my Rat problem, fixed the damage, and even lowered my utility bills by blowing more insulation into my attic. And now they take care of my exterminator service every other month. So nice to find a one stop shop for all my home care needs!"

Couldn't be happier!

"A good friend recommended Krazy Critters to me when my kitchen started getting overrun with roaches and ants during the sporing rains. Wayne and his guys came out quickly and dealt with the problem in a very courteous and professional manner. And POOF! My bug problems were gone. They even tracked those "Critters" to the place where they were getting in and sealed it for me. Three Cheers for the Krazy Critter Removal Bunch. They now give me a regular preventative service and I couldn't be happier!"

Saved My Home

"We Called Wayne because we kept hearing noises in our attic. Turned out to be squirrels and he not only got rid of them fast, but he repaired the damage they had done to our wiring and soffits and even fixed it so they couldn't get back in again.

Scary to think that those little guys could easily have caused our home to burn down from chewing on the wires. But now we don't have to worry about that anymore. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wayne and Krazy Critter Removal to anyone, and I regularly DO!!!"

No More Bats

"I called Krazy Critter I was hearing noises in my attic and much to my surprise they came out the next morning. I had a large family of bats up there. The next day a crew came and took care of the bats. They even cleaned up the after the bats (poop) and disinfected the area. I am very pleased with the workmanship of this company. Thank you Krazy Critter Removal."

Do you have specific needs for your home or office?

Do you have specific needs for your home or office?

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