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Got Unwanted Guests?

Got Unwanted Guests in Your Home or Office?

With all the woods, water and wilderness we enjoy so much in Alpharetta, Cumming, and Roswell Ga., Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums, Snakes and a myriad of Bugs are just a fact of life we have to live with. And everyone knows that the Rats and Mice are the most disgusting of all! But few realize what a danger rats and mice really are, to both you and your home; therefore, it is essential to call an experienced Animal Removal Professional.


Chew On This Fact

Rats and mice perpetually chew on wood, insulation and wires- a HUGE cause for a large number of house fires every year! Add on the diseases they carry and the unbelievable rate at which they multiply, and you can have a serious rat or mouse infestation before you know it!


Operation: Wildlife Removal

Our protocol is effective. We remove the vermin, clean up the droppings and urine left behind, seal up the holes and cracks they found or chewed into your home, fix the damage (ie. electrical wires, siding, rafters, joists, facia boards, gutters, insulation), and set up a comprehensive plan to ensure they stay out.


The More You Know

The leading problem to rat and mice infestation is that they leave behind their urine and excrement, which is an open invitation to ALL the rodents out there to come on in and enjoy the warmth and food supply your home offers. So just setting up traps or poisons to get rid of them will not do the job.


Trust in the Experts

We have over 20 years of experience in the business of Wildlife Removal of ALL kinds. Your Critter and Pest Control Problems will be a thing of the past - 100% Customer Satisfaction at affordable prices! Enjoy your home without having to share it with all the Krazy Critters outside! Call (770) 656-7182 Today!

Do you think your home has termites?

Does your home or office have termites?

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